Okra is one of the most affordable and abundantly available antioxidants, which prevent damage to our cells, hence lessening the chances of diseases, even the occurence of cancer, and premature ageing.  Daily consumption is recommended here for asthmatics, diabetics, to prevent or slow down the development of cataract, and those who like to benefit most from its power to slow down the ageing process.  Mothers are likewise encouraged to consume okra in the last trimester of pregnancy as the folic acid content in the Okra is a great contribution to the development of baby’s brain.  Moreover, since Okra has been known to stabilize diabetes, learning to love this fruit can make the journey back to health most enjoyable.



  • 15-30 Okra  [about Php 1.00 per okra or about Php 30 per kilo in Nepa Q-Mart in Quezon City]
  • 3/4  of a liter of water for 15 Okra or 1 1/4 liters for 30 Okra.  An allowance of 1/4 liter of water is given for evaporation or steaming.

After washing the Okra clean, boil 1 kilo in 1 1/4 liters of water until all are soft enough to eat.  You may use a pressure cooker, cauldron or pan. Whichever one you use must remain covered until the Okra is softened.  Then, pour the tea in a thermos to keep it hot and put the okra in a large bowl.  Drink the tea, while picking freshly boiled Okra from the bowl, savoring popping their seeds in your mouth.  You may pair your main dish with the fruits, too.